Citizens Again Foot the Bills for City Hall Extravagances

Why are Reno citizens' taxes being wasted on the Mayors Conference? by Sam Dehné
... from cleaning up down town........ to fancy hammers and cowboy hats and hard hats with personalized names...... to city hall staff time... to the tune of at least a $$$$million big ones... that have been uncovered so far?
A few of the many Mayors Conference items that citizens' taxes are being wasted on... to one degree or another... while the rest of the city goes down-hill fast:

* lavish meals and accommodations
* downtown prep and clean up
* expensive signs, pictures, and paintings
* lights and the cost of operating them
* 1000 +/- cowboy hats
* 1000 +/- binoculars
* 1000 +/- Big bags of goodies
* some portion of airline transportation for numerous dignitaries
* local transportation, salaries, buses, fuel, etc
* city hall staff time
* police protection
* hard hats, golden hammers and nails
* expensive propaganda in all the news media
* lavish private entertainment galas
* 1000's of rodeo seats
* fancy TV hook-up for pres Clinton
* ETC, ETC...
* And how many trips to Mustang Ranch did the city-zens' taxes pay for?

(Why do the mayor and his crony, Parmer, refuse to tell how much money has been taken in via donations... nor what percentage (%) Parmer is skimming off the top... for herself and the mayor? Parmer aka: American Strategies and other aliases.)
And what do the citizens get out of this? City Hall would let them eat pig scraps... while they and their cronies feed at the government trough... of extravagant excesses.

To: Thawat... whoever you are... 7/29/98

A. The Mayors Conference fiasco:
1. The city council (aided by much of city hall top bureaucracy) legally embezzled over $550,000 from the Public Funds to help promote their beloved mayors conference (a private organization)... where they then engorged themselves at the government trough.
They still owe the citizens somewhere between $$$$1/2 and 1 million dollars... money that is still unaccounted for... and that has not been returned to the Public Fund.
2. Even the relative pittance of $40,000 that was returned would not have been paid back if not for our tenacious watch dogging.
3. The mayor's campaign crony, Parmer, made off with an unknown huge bundle of that $$$$.
B. The Bacho fiasco:
1. I do not condone the use of illegal drugs... and as a matter of fact have proposed that city hall bureaucrats should take drug tests (similar to the city workers)... a proposal that has met with resistance. Hmmm... wonder why. I am willing to give it a go.
2. Bacho was "hooked" on a legal drug by several doctors... who prescribed it to him over a period of time.
2a. Bacho was (apparently) so badly addicted that he committed a stupid crime against himself. HE is the victim.
3. Bacho was illegally, wrongly, and in a cowardly manner eliminated by city hall because he know to much... and they were afraid he would soon become a whistle blower.
4. Bacho was the target of a huge taxpayer funded witch hunt and sting operation... by those high-ranking bureaucrats...with no probable cause. Such a witch hunt might place the typical citizen in jeopardy... maybe even you...
No, this city hall has done nothing to warrant any changes to the reports... in fact, updates to reflect additional improprieties and insults to the citizenry are what are in order...
Thank you for reminding me...
I have noticed that the City of Reno has been paid back everything it spent
towards the mayor's conference and as yet have heard no retraction from you of
your charges. I see that your website still has references to it, even though
that information is outdated.
In perusing your site I also can't help but notice your continued support of
the self-admitted drug user mr. Bacho. Are you STILL backing him and saying
he was wrongly charged, even though he has ADMITTED to pretending to be a
will this appear on your LETTERS page?
-just wondering

The Thawat Watch continues:
To: Thawat (disquised as another city hall mole-mouthpiece); 8/2/98
I can't debate with you... you make no sense... you know no facts...
Please don't try to fool yourself by thinking you have been debating...
You need to spend more time on the Parade Plop Squad... before joining the letter writers below... who make sense... who are objective.
To repeat... again:
1. A $40,000 repayment (because of our watch-dogging) is a pittance... compared to the $$$hundreds of thousands that have been semi-legally embezzled from the Public Funds for the mayor's cronies...
2. Mr Bacho is in the limelight ONLY because city hall has an outrageous taxpayer-funded $$$million dollar propaganda machine that can oversee witch hunts and sting operations. His peccability is inconsequential... compared to those of the current mayor and city hall..
Mr. Dehne,
I have sent you numerous letters and you have responded to me by E-Mail. My
I thought to myself, "Maybe he won't do that because he doesn't know who I
But then again, who is Rosio Jaccarando, Dorothy Moonfish, Kora Makitaka,
Ginger Applegarth, Felix & Melissa Seersucker, Tom Beezley, Charlie Wacker,
Cedric & Olivia Funderberks, Melissa Thornquis, Rebecca Devonshire, ..... etc?
Obviously not all of THESE names are real. I suppose that my questions have
been too pointed and too hard hitting for YOU, a candidate for MAYOR to
answer. How sad for Reno to have someone such as yourself pretend to
represent the people.
On a final note, if you TRULY believe in free speech, it shouldn't matter WHO
I am or WHAT I am, just the content of my thoughts should be enough. I doubt
I'll see this in your "magazine" either. Too bad, we could have SUCH a good
time debating.........

Expanded Internet version
The mirror has two faces and all three show cracks
The U.S. Conference of Mayors has descended upon Reno-Sparks this
weekend. All these executive types have to put up with the local luminati
doing their level best to paint the prettiest of pictures for the glorified
to take home.
Your honors, please allow this humble muckraker to hold up the flip
side, the dark side, the underbelly of the beast, the heart, bowels and
guts of the High Desert Outback of the American Dream.
WE DON'T CARE FOR KIDS. Any sub-21 scum in downtown Reno after 9:00
p.m. is subject to detention and arrest, unless said scum is going to or
from some low-wage casino job. Downtown youth centers get hassled by our
casino-oriented police force.
WE DON'T CARE ABOUT EDUCATION. The gambling-industrial complex has
little interest in an educated work force or economic diversification,
which means competition for the low-wage labor pool. Our politicians
perpetuate the myth that well over 50 percent of the state budget is spent
on education. Not true. When the big picture of state revenue is taken into
consideration, the actual figure plummets to just 32.9 percent.
chips on the military-industrial complex and lost. The Cold War ended and
defense contractors had to learn to live with merely outrageous profits
rather than the obscene levels to which they had become accustomed.
Northern Nevada has done a bit better, but Nevada is still a company town.
WE PAY LOUSY WAGES. Northern Nevada economic development ads have
long touted a "union free" environment. That's far from true, but
unionization has been on a long downward slide in the north. Ironically,
unionization in the American west started more than a century ago in
Virginia City, Nevada, during the heyday of the fabled Comstock Lode.
In 1927, four years before gambling was legalized, the Reno Chamber
of Commerce published a book commemorating the completion of the
transcontinental highway through Reno.
"Nevada's Transcontinental Highways Exposition" took place at
Idlewild Park on the Truckee River in Reno. The California pavilion became
the durable California Building which still serves the public today.
"Labor conditions in Reno are ideal...strikes are unknown...all
trades in Reno are on a union basis," the book touted. "The cost of living
in Reno is about on a par with general conditions in the Middle West and
Western communities, and the average scale of wages in the trades is as
high as any city in America...If you desire to build, you will find
property at reasonable prices compared with other cities."
Times have indeed changed. The northern Nevada casino industry
pretty much rid itself of union labor 25 years ago. Many families today
live in rabbit warrens. Should any member lose one of the household's
multiple minimum wage jobs, all face eviction. Our low cost housing comes
in the form of expensive, weekly motels. Without enough unions to keep wage
levels up, even full time work leaves people hungry.
PEOPLE DON'T GET ENOUGH TO EAT. In 1993, Kevin Day, director of
Catholic Community Services, noted an increasing number of full time casino
workers showing up for meals at St. Vincent's Dining Room in downtown Reno.
"At this very moment, St. Vincent's is handling dozens and dozens
of casino workers daily," he said.
"People work hard and still can't provide for their families," said
human services activist Sheila Leslie, now a Democratic state assembly
"It's the American myth in 1994 that people willing to work can
provide the basics, pull themselves up by their bootstraps," Leslie noted.
Recent news reports have shown Nevada community food banks, like
those across the nation, running out of supplies as demand increases. The
poor are left to illness, their children to malnutrition, all in the name
of welfare reform. But don't get me wrong...
large, super-profitable corporations. Nevada's major industries buy the
political clout they need to force the public to subsidize them. This is
part of a long tradition dating back to our archaic mining laws which allow
foreign corporations to exploit our resources while escaping taxation.
Our gambling industry basically operates tax-free, its nominal tax
rate the lowest in the U.S. The paltry levies paid all become fully
deductible expenses on federal tax returns.
This heavily subsidized welfare queen can thus easily afford to
export her "product" to your town. We further underwrite the gamblers by
paying for many government services with high sales taxes, further eroding
the wages of the least among us.
Casinos also control use of room taxes, almost all of which go
toward casino promotion rather than the parks and recreation intended by
the legislature.
OUR LOW COST HOUSING IS OLD MOTELS. Behold the automatically fired,
people consistently canned one day before probationary periods expire,
after which they might have qualified for health benefits or a small raise.
This is the normal course of business in this fire-at-will state.
Our teen pregnancy, suicide, addiction and dropout rates all
proceed from such desperate living conditions.
I'll bet no one offered you a tour of Reno's E. Fourth Street,
where a second generation of motel children now grows up with a
needle-strewn blacktop for a playground and a convenience store as the only
inconveniently expensive source of groceries.
American mayors, please judge us. Make us your standard. Many of
you have or want some form of gambling, better known as voluntary taxation
of the great unwashed.
Beware. Look at Nevada and learn. Proceed at your peril.
Be well. Raise hell.
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