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"Watching the community's government"
Your Hometown Truth
Published by Reno's Singing Encyclopedia of Reno Government - Sam Dehné, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
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Reno Mayor Bob Cashell Says That Sam Is All Wet... And Proves It! Staff Report

Reno Airport Tried to Play Federal Judge for a Fool... But He Wasn't Buying.
On 13 Jan, 2005, Federal Judge Howard McKibben Recognized the Silliness of Reno Airport's Demand That Kidnap Victim Sam Dehne Pay Their Bloated Legal Fees... and Threw Out Airport's Convoluted Motion for Money.
In a terse 3 sentence statement the judge said... NO.
Congratulations Judge McKibben.

Reno Airport's Attorney Tom Beko Had Attempted To Hornswoggle a Federal Judge With a Pack of Prevarications... and Just Plain Noodleheadedness. Mr. Beko Further Exposed Himself as the Litigious Fanatic That He Is When He...
(click to read report) Reno Citizen Staff

[The Reno airport threw Sam in jail! Any Judge worth his salt will throw this outrageous diatribe out with the garbage. (click)]

Jury proves Sam Right Again! As Former Reno Mayor Griffin Is Put On Trial
It's Reno's Trial of the Decade. But Media Ignores It
Reno Citizen Staff

Mayor ..... You Bet! He'd Make A Great Mayor (click here) ...

Smelly Voting "Results":
More Heller Hanky-Panky? How "They" Really Tallied Sam's Vote In Reno
*Sam Dehne - 31% (18,000 votes)
*Media Factor - 4%
*Bill Board Factor - 2%
*Harley Davidson Factor - 2%
*Dean Heller (And His Scandal-Plagued Vote Counting System) Factor - 28%
*Sam's Opponent - 33%
*Oh, and don't forget that Sam told his adoring fans to vote for his opponent.

Note: Nevada gives a whole new meaning to the term "Swing" vote. It has its own "Swinging"
Secretary of State Dean Heller who has the capability of swinging the vote "either way".
"Voters decide nothing."
"Vote Counters decide everything."

~~Joseph Stalin, circa 1950

Court Rules Against Constitution... Doesn't Like "Bastard"! Sam Dehne
Reno City Hall Tried to Stop Televising the TRUTH Reno Citizen Staff
"This is the worst thing anybody has ever done in the community," Dehne said of the proposal to get rid of broadcasts. "It's 1930s Germany. It's Nazism." THANK GOD THEY LISTENED TO SAM AND CAME TO THEIR SENSES!
Detectors At Reno Govt Meetings - If we didn't need lie detectors... we wouldn't need metal detectors. (click) staff
Who is the Real Clown? Federal Lawsuit Filed.
Jeff Griffin, masquerading as Reno's mayor, illegally ordered Sam Dehne removed from a Reno City Council Public meeting, shouting: "Somebody get that clown out of here!". This was not the first... (read the lawsuit, click)
.Sam Dehne Files Federal Lawsuit Against Reno Airport (click)Staff Report
The Reno airport top brass desecrated the Constitution... and should have to answer for their perversions... (click for more)
Nevada Sec-State "Goliath" Heller Tries To Fleece Grassroots Candidates (click)
Innocent Watchdog Found Innocent - Duh! Staff report
Sam Dehne was illegally thrown in the slammer by Reno Airport charlatans. The DA and Reno city attorney agree.

Reno City Hall Sinks to (New) Low Levels
Staff Report
It is a misdemeanor crime to exlude a citizen from participation in Public Meetings. Here are 6 separate viable Complaints that were filed over a 2 month period in the waning days of the Griffin regime.
Reno's RSCVA Wants to Spend $270,000 for a Big Name singer (GULP!)
Sam Dehne
In yet another display of outright boneheaded lunacy the RSCVA wants to waste more of your money...

Nevada EthComm BROKE THE LAW! Fed Judge Rules! Read the Transcript and Summary of Ethics Hearing Against Reno Mayor and Airport Czar (click) by Sam Dehné
The purpose of this Ethics Complaint was to show that these 2 public officials met together illegally and conspired to go Cargo (and Postal) at the Reno Airport.
The Nevada Ethics Commission's Rules Violate the U. S. Constitution.
by Sam Dehne

The Ethics Commission has concocted a retaliation against Sam Dehne... possibly to derail his bid for the US Senate.
The Nevada Ethics Commission was created to monitor public officers. Instead they are protecting and covering up for public officers. They are trying to stifle and suppress the citizens who are sick of rotten government. Threats of $5,000 fines and DA investigations against citizens who perform their civic duty reeks of Totalitarianism.

The RGJ Causes More Headaches of the Brain by Sam Dehne
This outrageous packed-with-perversions "editorial" was written by the RGJ because it is in cahoots with their money-bagged aviation amateur friends mis-running the Reno Airport.
Reno Airport and Reno Gazette Need to Clean up Acts by Sam Dehne
When a newspaper gets in bed with Reno Airport bureaucrats and starts stories out with lies and then expounds upon those lies it stinks...(click)
"War of the Aeronauts" (click) This colorful and entertaining book details the American Civil War's counterpart to the modern day U-2, SR-71 and RF-4 reconnaissance spy planes.
Author Charles Evans' epic novel describes in exciting detail how Civil War patriot Thaddeous Lowe "flew" his extremely vulnerable reconnaissance balloon over enemy lines time and time and again.
This remarkable pioneer aviator has been accurately described as the most "shot at" warrior in history... deserving of several Medals of Honor.
A wonderful read!
Griffin's Airport Kickback Contract with the Reno Airport Has Always Been Illegal:
1. Nevada Law (NRS 281.230, 1) says very plainly:
"... the following persons (which includes city council officers) shall not, in any manner, directly or indirectly, receive any commission, personal profit or compensation of any kind resulting from any contract or other transaction in which the employing... county or municipality... is in any way interested or affected."
2. Adding further emphasis, the Reno city charter (law) says:
"Council members can have no direct or indirect contracts, leases, or agreements with Reno."
This is as plain and simple as laws can get. Nest-Feathering by public officials at the government trough is not allowed. The terms "Directly or indirectly" mean that Griffin cannot once again distort the truth and try to hide this law-breaking underneath his bosses at super-secret government agency EDAWN. This contract is against the laws of Nevada. And it is only one of a laundry list of similar violations by this man posing as Reno mayor.
(See http: http//www.renocitizen.com/mayorwatch.htm for more.)

.....................................a. A Very Readable Report on the Reno Train Trench Scheme... IT STINKS! $$$$$$A
..........A Critical Analysis of Reno’s $192 ++ Million Downtown Railroad Trench Scheme by Gary A. Horton, Economist
"It seems incomprehensible to us that, given the magnitude of this project and its potential long term effects on the community, so few possess a fundamental awareness of the project's specifics and possible consequences, and that even fewer still have shown the courage to ask the embarrassing questions the city appears reluctant to answer."
(Ed note: "A must read for anybody who wants to know how bad local government really is.")
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Are you thinking of relocating to Reno? Here are some things you should think about first:
Huge annual property tax increases, bad air quality, sleazy politics, crime, sex scandals, radiation, waste of taxes, city hall kickback contracts, runaway construction blight, theft of property, noisy airport, NOISE NOISE NOISE, blight, and worse...

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