Reno radio station KOH plays dirty politics: Gives hours of free air
time to Reno mayoral candidate Jeff Griffin!

But under federal law, KOH must now give equal time to every mayoral
candidate. (USC 47 Sec. 315)

In a cheap campaign tactic, Griffin has "traded" the office of Reno
Mayor for almost 3 hours of free air time on KOH radio. Griffin has
clearly demonstrated that Reno City Hall is for sale.

Candidates should contact KOH to schedule air time; call Len Smart at
789-6700 for details. For information about related legalities,
contact Deputy Attorney General Robert Auer at 687-4170.

Three hours of radio advertising can be valued at $1800 or
more. If KOH refuses to give equal time to all Reno mayoral candidates, a
multimillion-dollar class-action suit will be organized. KOH may lose
its FCC license." ###
To: Reno City Attorney

From: Sam Dehne, a Reno citizen
15 July, 1998
Subject: Illegal Abdication of Mayoral Position
This is an official objection to a plot that has been contrived between the current mayor and a local radio talk show host. The talk show host announced yesterday that he and the current mayor have agreed to change places, and that the current mayor is going to abdicate his elected position and is giving the talk show host the "reigns" to the city on Friday.
This is in violation of proper government etiquette and appears to be blatantly in contradiction to the Reno city charter. In discussions with the Nevada Attorney General's office, the opinion was that a governor would not be allowed to get away with something like this.
Violations include, but are not limited to, the following:
* There has been no public discussion.
* City council and citizens have not been warned of this abdication of authority.
* This slanderous scheme has never been agendized.
To exacerbate an already deplorable situation, the talk show host plans to enact some 30 Proclamations during his illegal reign as Reno mayor.
This is an official request to put an immediate stop to this violation of the dictates of good government and of the spirit of good government. The (real) mayor should be reprimanded for this gross insult to the 16% of the citizens who elected him.
The insults to ethical behavior in this bizarre scenario are too numerous to elaborate upon in this document.
Additional evidence of this gross action can be provided by contacting at the number below.

cc Nevada Attorney General
News Media
ALERT: The Reno city attorney unilaterally whitewashed this protest... despite the fact it violates numerous laws, charters, and the "spirit" of those laws and charters.
Just a few of a plethora of reasons why this would be "personality"... who would be mayor... should not be mayor... even for a day:
He has lived in Reno for less than 1/2 year.
He brags that he has never attended a "boring" city hall meeting.
He may not even be a registered voter... unless as an alias.
He is an apologist and propagandist for city hall.

He rudely demeans citizens and elected officials (who are contrary to fat cat Reno city hall policies) alike... from his hiding place behind a microphone.. calling these people wackos, sickos, fruitcakes, nutcases...
The current mayor should not be allowed to prostitute his elected position to the highest bidder... or in this case... the person who will agree to be his radio mouthpiece for the current city hall's grotesque policies.
The whole scheme was illegally concocted in secret by city hall... away from the citizens... as usual.
There are FAR MORE DESERVING CITIZENS for this honor.
And so on and so forth... one insult to good government after another.
Watch this imposter-shill on 17 July, at 1:30 PM... as he is adorned with privileges that are denied to real long-time deserving Reno citizens... like YOU.
USC 47 Sec. 315, "If any licensee shall permit any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any public office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates... "
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