By Sam Dehné

Why should RenoAir (and other airlines) be allowed to fly in and out of Reno at a HELTER - SKELTER PACE, and make as much noise as they want? Why shouldn't these airlines have to pay for all the blight that THEY cause? Not only is each bone-rattling assault terribly irritating, but the gross preponderant buildup of attacks creates a dangerous noise-polluting atmosphere that citizens should not have to tolerate.
If real "ordinary" citizens were to open a business, THEY would have to follow governmental guidelines ad infinitum.
But not the airlines. No, sir, when they want to fly to Reno they just file a flight plan and come in. And not only don't the Reno Casino Airport "bosses" attempt to thwart these attacks; they encourage them.
And why? Because the motto of the Reno Casino Airport Authority Trustees is to "grow, grow, grow the airport"... like a cancer.
Incidentally, if ever there was an organizational snafu-misnomer, it is the term, Reno Airport "Authority Trustee".
Who en"trusted" them with the "authority" to destroy the quality of dozens of thousands of American lives?
Who en"trusted" them with the "authority" to endanger your life 210 times every day (and that doesn't even include the light plane activity they encourage)?
Trustee? Just the sound of that term, when it is applied to some of those APPOINTED Trustees, makes citizens cringe.

"It is a Conspiracy to Attack Citizens."

And where is the supposed real regulator; the notorious FAA? When queried locally, they tell citizens to contact the Airport "Authority". Who's in charge here? The tail has been taken off that FAA dog, and it can't even wag itself anymore. A veritable conspiracy to defraud citizens perpetrated by fat cat groups.
A "Trustee" by the name of Geno Menchetti, who lives far away at Lake Tahoe, is possibly the most vocal advocate of cancerous Reno Casino Airport uncontrolled expansion. At the Dec. 19 "Authority" meeting he went on record with vigor in favor of any and all airport service that is willing to come to Reno. He lives some 60 miles from the airport. What... for God's sake, is he doing on the panel in the first place? What politico owed him what favor? He has absolutely no concept of the terrible holocaust his agenda is wreaking on Reno citizens.
To exacerbate the abomination, this person is the Vice Chair of these "Trustees". Shouldn't citizens shudder at the mere thought of his bogus agenda brainwashing some of the other "Trustees"?
(Citizens can thank the dear Lord for brave and tenacious Trustee, Tina Menoukian. She has been unwavering in her attempts to expose lies and gross corruption at the Airport. Thus far, she has faced an uphill battle in her crusade to represent Reno citizens... and American taxpayers. Trustees Martin and Gibbons are also outspoken in their attempts to support Manoukian's patriotic agenda. And the jury is still out on new Trustee, John Moore... although he has been asking good questions.)
The Reno Casino Airport is buying and insulating some homes in a feeble attempt to try to alleviate some of the effects of their illegal Disturbance of the Peace. But are they digging into THEIR bank accounts for the money? No! Federal taxes are being embezzled for this project!
If your business was held responsible for problems it was causing, would federal tax dollars be used? NO! You would pay!

"Airlines must pay for all the troubles they cause"

Then why should federal tax dollars be embezzled to pay for the problems caused by the airlines?
The Reno Casino Airport PROPAGANDA CZARS would have citizens believe that it is their responsibility to pay for the terrible noise and blight perpetrated against them by the airport and airlines. WRONG!
Airlines must be ordered to pay for the terrible noise pollution THEY are creating. RenoAir, Southwest Air, American Air, and the other airlines attacking Reno citizens 210 times a day are private corporations. They must use their bloated profits to pay. They should not be allowed to profit at the expense of misery to citizens. Corporate Welfare subsidization by Americans must not be tolerated.
If these airline noise-polluters were ordered to pay their way, maybe it would help stop their uncontrolled and cancerous growth. Citizens should demand that Menchetti and other "Trustees" stop accepting their free airline ticket bribes and stop this airport attack on innocent American citizens...
cc President Bill Clinton
Rodney Slayton, Secretary of Transportation Appointee
Reno City Council
Director of Federal Aviation Agency, Washington, D. C.
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