GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - USAFA Class of 1962 RTBs (Red Tag Bastards)
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...........NAME............Mo/Day/Yr ..HOW........... Combat and/or Location

Toffel, George... Feb-6 64 B-47 Crash US-Mtn Home AFB, ID

Harlan, David... Nov-10 64 B-52 Crash US-Glasgow AFB, MT

Starkey, John... Mar-19 65 Civ A/C Accident Canada- Newfoundland

Watson, Donald...Jul-31 65 F-100 Crash Vietnam (S)

Carn, Robert... Aug-19 65 O-1F Crash Vietnam (S)

Ford, Ralph... Aug-25 65 F-100 Crash US-Nara Vista, NM

Hauschildt, John... Oct-5 65 F-100 Crash Vietnam (S)

Griffey, Terry... May-26 66 F-4C Crash Vietnam (S)

Franco, Charles... Jun-7 66 O-1E Crash Vietnam (S)

Baker, Samuel... Oct-23 66 T-28 Crash Thailand

Wilson, G. Scott... Nov-22 66 F-4C Crash Vietnam (N)

Moore, Charles L... Jul-12 67 F-100 Crash Vietnam (S)

Svitenko, Leonard... Jan-21 68 B-52 Crash Greenland [Thule]

Hornaday, Jeff... Mar-27 68 F-105 Crash Thailand

Brinkman, James... Apr-1 68 F-100 Crash Vietnam (S)

Rogers, John... May-16 68 Auto Accident US-Wsthmptn Bch, NY

Martin, Harold... Aug-23 68 Rx Attack Vietnam (S)

Griffin, Charles... Dec-13 68 OV-10 Crash Vietnam (S)

Brucher, John... Feb-18 69 F-105D Crash Vietnam (N)

Fox, Darrell... Oct-24 69 F-4E Crash US-Las Vegas, NV

Miko, John... Jan-14 71 Cancer US-Los Angeles, CA

Carroll, John... Nov-7 72 O-1 Crash Laos (Here is the link to movie of John's 2013 Memorial Service - click)

Tocado, Douglas... Feb-28 76 Civ A/C Accident, US-Estes Park, CO

Olson, Darryl... Mar-4 80 F-15 Crash W. Ger (Solligen)

Dryden, William... May-93 Air Craft Accident F-16 Ft Worth TX

Schaumberg, Bob... Dec-12 83 Heart Attack US-MacDill AFB, FL

Sellers, David... Jun-22 89 Heart Attack US-Marietta, GA

Howell, William... Sep-21 90 Cancer US-Valencia, CA

MacNevin, Charles... Sep 91 Cancer US-Florida

Brown, Chris... Sep-7 91 Heart Failure US-Fairfax, VA
"Doc" Morris D. Smith... Feb 17, 1997 Hit and run car US
Howard Kaber Carroll... 28 Dec 95 of Non-Hodgekinson's Lymphoma, directly related to exposure to Agent Orange in SVN
Tom Rhoades... June-21 98 Heart Attack US
Daryl Wood... October 11, 2000 Cancer
Fred Gerken... February 26, 2001 Cancer
Kent Lammers... December 7, 2002 Car Accident (Mexico)

Bill Mannion... February 16, 2005 Cancer (Green Valley, Arizona)

Brad Beck... February 11, 2006  Long Illness (Post Falls, Idaho)

Maynard Goldsmith... Feb 11, 2003 No other details available (Auburn, Wash.)

Troy Tomlin (great notes)... Jan 3, 2008 No details available at this time (Mt View, Cal)

Francis Kinney Smith, LTC (Ret), passed away Feb 4, 2008, due to complications from leukemia

Ron Wesley Duvall, Passed away Dec. 23, 2008. Served in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. Cause of death unknown.

Donald Hutchinson,  Lt Col (Ret),  January 25, 2009

Owen Hawkins... (Capt, 1968, Res) July 25, 2009  (Obituary)  

William O'Rourke, Col (Ret), December 27, 2009 - Leukemia

Charles L. Turner, Lt Col (Ret) May 19, 2009 - Heart Attack

Bob Huntsman, Major (Ret) May 15, 2011 - Illness (Obituary)

William T Harvey, Lt Col (Ret) May 4, 2011-  Heart (Obituary)

Warren Robbins, Lt Col (ret)  May 17, 2011 - Several Illnesses (Tribute)

Jim Qualey,  April 10th, 2012, Received heart-lung transplant, and later passed away (Tribute)

Rick Wheeler (tribute) , Col (Ret) January 22, 2012 (car accident)

Larry Lynn, Maj (Ret) January 30, 2012 

Larry Nichols (tribute) Oct 2, 2012 - complications associated with pulmonary fibrosis.

John Flanagan,  Brig Gen (Ret)  Oct 21, 2012 (Obituary/Eulogy)

Bob (Kuc) Kuchlewski - Age 73, passed away, April 10, 2014. Cause of death unknown at this time. (From 2007 Reg of Grads -
                                                      MedDisc 1/Lt 64, Assoc Prof Ophthalmologist, Wright St Univ. )

Robert "Bob" DeBerry - Dec 14, 2014 (Obituary/Eulogy)

Norm Roderick - April 6, 2015 of natural causes.

Bill Knipp - July 25, 2015 of natural causes. (Obituary/Eulogy) (Here is heck of slide show of life [click])

Jerome MacLennan - Sept 28, 2015 (Obituary/Eulogy)

Warren Snyder - Col (ret) November 7, 2015

Bo Daugherty - Lt Col (ret) January 5, 2016 of surgery complications

Ted Neff -  January 9, 2016 of natural causes. (early tribute.. with pictures)

"Joe" John Guilmartin - March 10, 2016 of natural causes (Obituary, click)
        (Tribute to, by, and for Joe - click)
        (Another of Joe's Observations)

  Larry R. Harmon -  June 12, 2016 after brief illness in Rancho Bernardo, CA. (Tribute, click)

Michael Hughes - December 29, 2016 peacefully. Link to Washington Post citation: Michael Hughes (age 75)

Richard L. Hodgkinson,  - January, 26, 2017 Col (Ret) at Bedford, N. H. (Tribute, click)

Niels D. Jensen (Lt Col (Ret) - June 1, 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, after a battle with Parkinson's Disease.

Michael Major - Sept 3, 2017 after battle with cancer. (Tribute to follow soon)

A Few De-Briefings:

The First to Leave Us...
A few years ago I was calling on a prospective Hawker buyer in Boise. The
chief pilot had a picture of a B-47 in his office. I asked him if he had
flown a B-47. He said he had been a young crew chief on a B-47, that
particular one, at Mt. Home AFB in Idaho. He said he kept the picture because
he was almost killed in that plane when it crashed. He was scheduled to get a
reward ride in the plane. At the very last minute, they bumped him for a new
brown bar who needed an orientation ride. The experienced AC over rotated and

wiped out on take-off. The new second lieutenant was George Toeffel. My
experience with George was as a summer roommate. He was all the uncouth
things you guys remember, but he had a great smile and a heart as big as
Alabama. Since someone had to go first, I think we can all be proud to follow
George back to the One... who put RTB's on this planet... to make it better.
Stub (Bob Staib)
One classmate in particular sticks in my memory,

Johnny Brucher. I was at Da Nang when he was shot down and still
remember the intel brief that next day. As I remember it, he was
shot down late in the day and they could not mount a rescue effort
until the next day. His flight talked to him after he was on the
ground. He was high on a mountain ridge and had broken his leg on
landing but otherwise was OK. I think it was the Mu Gia pass area on
the Laos side. He said he would stay under cover and look for rescue
the next morning. The group that went after him could not raise him
on the radio the next day, nor the following few days they went back
to that area. I have gone to the US Military MIA web site but it did
not contain any information.
I remember thinking that if shot down over North Viet Nam, he might
be a POW, but there were no reported POWs from Laos. Did anyone ever
hear any thing else.
Al Jackson (Note: People lost in Laos simply disappeared. We lost a Special Forces team near
the DMZ in Laos, Dec 2, 1966. We know they were taken prisoner by the NVA
(325C Div) - two of our Vietnamese team members got away - and the NVA
unequivocably deny any knowledge, even though the MIA's ID card turned up in a
DIA file. The NVA party line "Talk to the Laotians". Johnny Brucher was
apparently one of those tragedies. May God have mercy on him - the NVA were
not nice people.
John Flanagan)
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