(That's Sam Dehne on the guitar)
(Note: The reference to "sex" relates to the DA saying that winning the Dennison (rape/murder) trial was better than sex.)

  SAVING  DAISY (from the DA)
words by Sam Dehne

How much is the doggie in the window
The one with the waggly tail.
We must save Daisy from the DA
So Daisy can get out of JAIL.

I must take a trip down to city hall
And see if Daisy is okay
If she can't get a stay of execution
then that would be a bad day

Please Mr DA don't be a meany meany
Give Daisy the home that she needs
She really really is a nice dog
And her owner can rest peacefully.

Sam's latest Music Album CD

(The Songs: all Public Domain)

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Dehne for Reno Mayor


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