Sam Dehne, Lt Col, USAF (ret)
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Subject: Complaint/Contest - Reno Gazette Journal Report of Evidence of Major Voting Irregularities During the Vote Counting of Reno City Council Candidate DEHNE in the 2008 Election
To: Nevada Secretary of State ELECTIONS Division
101 North Carson Street, Suite 3
Carson City Nevada 89701-3714
Via FAX (775-684-5718), Email, and Certified Mail
DATE: 13 Nov, 2008

                                                                                        BRIEF BACKGROUND
13,500 Votes Were Heisted from Reno City Council Candidate DEHNE and Given to His Opponent. The official Vote Count was being Reported by the Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper (RGJ) on Election Night of 4 Nov, 2008. These vote count numbers were being reported immediately upon periodic receipt from the Washoe Voting Registrar. And the "diversion" of votes can be plainly seen in the attachments.

Starting at about the time when DEHNE and his Opponent for Reno city council each had
13,500 votes... the tally of the votes that the RGJ was reporting... mysteriously started to add more and more votes to DEHNE's Opponent's total.
During the same time period DEHNE's vote count STAGNATED at a mere 13,500.
And it got worse as the evening continued:
1. The fleecing got to the bizarre point... that the RGJ actually found and reported that
DEHNE's Opponent had her vote count instantly SKYROCKETED by 13,500
(DOCUMENTED) votes in a few minutes!
2. The report points out that at the same time DEHNE's count stagnated and he did not get a
single additional vote in the same period!!!
3. That is; DEHNE's Opponent's numbers rocketed from 41,452 up to 54,952 votes
3a. This is a statistical mathematical IMPOSSIBILITY.
4. And there is no telling when "they" started cheating DEHNE out of his votes.
It could likely have started back when she had less than his 13,500.
4a. The RGJ points out that 13,500 votes were given to DEHNE's Opponent.
5. This evidence of massive election cheating now casts doubt on every Nevada "election".
If "they" can get away with pilfering votes from DEHNE, they can pilfer them from anybody.
Note: The RGJ needs to be thanked for its diligence in helping expose this matter. Now it's time to follow through and clean up the awful mess. Find out who is behind this abuse of what America stands for. There is no crime more despicable than tampering with votes.

The Incontrovertible EVIDENCE of the voting mendacities can be plainly seen in the RGJ attachments.


In this case of vote tampering the “Best Evidence Rule” applies succinctly.
Look at the RGJ’s reported numbers. There is the evidence.
1. The RGJ reported that DEHNE got ZERO votes in this short time frame.
1a. At the same time they reported that DEHNE's Opponent SUDDENLY got 13,500 more votes.
2. Which by some bizarre and macabre twist... is EXACTLY the number of votes that DEHNE was stuck with while his Opponent's "vote count" exploded upward.
Here’s a sample scenario of possible discussion by the rascals:
Hey boss, how many of those stolen votes do
we want to add on to DEHNE's Opponent?
Oh just give them whatever we've assigned to
DEHNE so far.
How many of DEHNE's votes had they already previously embezzled to get UP TO the 41,452? Likely there were 1,000s and 1,000s. There is likely no way to know without getting RGJ vote count reports from earlier in the evening of November 4, 2008.

There is only one conclusion that can be reached. Somehow the vote counters were able to secretly infiltrate the Sequoia vote counting machines and "doctor" up the computer programs so that large and unknown numbers of DEHNE's votes were diverted to his Opponent.

The RGJ's "Count" Report late in the evening of the vote cheating was DEHNE - 13,500 and his Opponent - 41,452.
THEN! Suddenly at 11:12 PM the RGJ reported the astounding increase in his OPPONENT's "Count" shortly thereafter; which climbed exactly 13,500 votes to an astounding 54,952.
DEHNE's vote count stagnated at the exact same number that her vote had increased; 13,500.
The incontrovertible evidence of this chicanery can be see on the RGJ reports that are attached to this Complaint.

                                                    REQUEST FOR HONEST ELECTION IN RENO WARD 3

An Honest investigation will repudiate and expunge the prostituted results of this prostituted "election" and demand a new and Honest election in that Reno Ward.

To reiterate again: this problem must be solved immediately... up to and including a new and Honest election for this Reno City Council seat. Until then there will be a stain on the Reno city council. Furthermore, an Honest Correction of this breakdown in the Nevada voting system cannot be ethical unless the Secretary of State includes DEHNE, the victim, in the discussions.


Sam Dehne
297 Smithridge
Reno, Nev 89502

w/ attachments (below)
cc: Nevada Attorney General

                                                                    The Incontrovertible EVIDENCE in the Reno Gazette Newspaper

The RGJ's "Count" Report late in the evening of the vote stealing.


Suddenly comes the bogus Point Shaving "Count" shortly thereafter:

"Reno Election Results - Reno Gazette Journal (11:12 PM)

Here's a close-up of the evidence of the "point shaving":