"Reno's RSCVA Wants to Spend $270,000 for a Big Name SINGER"
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Mister Stearns (RGJ Business Reporter), 5/17/02
1. John, what Reno "WATCHDOG" Sam Dehne, lead singer of the Too Wild Geezers
Band, really said at the RSCVA meeting yesterday was that his band would perform
for Reno for $100,000 less than the $270,000 those RSCVA musical novices want to pay
for a "Big Name".

1a. Any reasonable and objective analysis of music and singing would plainly portray that this
Singing Sensation that is Sweeping the Nation (well... at least sweeping Reno) is as good
as any of the Big Names that RSCVA board member and former Dallas quarterback
Glen Carano is so excited about.

1b. Anybody with an ounce of brains has to agree that Sam Dehne's brief performance at his
meazly 3 minutes of Public Comment yesterday (under less than perfect conditions and in the
"enemy" camp) plainly displayed his dignity, sophistication, style, and charm as both
a performer and as a singer.
Oh... and his tact and modesty.
2. You forgot to ask the most simple and obvious question. Where is the RSCVA
going to find parking for 7,900 people?!? You must recall that those Special Interest
RSCVA critters, in all their lack of wisdom, totally neglected parking when they made
that idiotic decision to spend $250,000,000 of citizens' taxes to expand the convention box.
During the expansion process they stole much of their parking from themselves. The
"parking" abomination the RSCVA created on the other side of Peckham Freeway... is
a(nother) tribute to the RSCVA's incredible lack of foresight and intelligence.
3. The truth of the matter is that much of the RSCVA board of Special Interest
fat cat appointees is too frumpy to recognize the talents of the Too Wild
Geezers Band. (See the Too Wild Geeezers Band - "click")
They don't deserve them. What a shame for the citizens of Reno though... that they will
miss something new and innovative because of the paralysis of habit of the RSCVA.
Sam Dehne
And now the RSCVA is turning the Convention Parking Lot into a Used Car Lot!
What's with that? Check it out. Is it legal?
And even if it is, there is already too much danger, blight, road rage, gridlock, and
just plain disconjerkutigulation on Peckham Freeway!!!
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